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Welcome to the FHS Forms & Membership Store.  This shop was developed to help you to purchase FHS Memberships, registrations, transfers, microchips, DNA Kits and more, easily with a few clicks of your mouse!

  • Online forms - all online forms can be typed in and submitted online, any forms that require a fee will take you to a checkout page where you can either pay on line with PayPal or give you the option of mailing in your payment, with exception of the Inspection Entry Form, which you will be sent an Invoice for.  Please remember to print a copy of your submission for your records and if a form requires any additional original documents, those need to be mailed in separately to our office.
  • PDF printable forms - these are forms that are for informational purposes only, or are required to be filled out, or need to be verified and signed by your veterinarian, and then mailed to our office. The USDF Declaration form needs to be filled out and sent directly to USDF.

If you have any problems or questions with any of the forms please contact FHSWeb@friesianhorsesociety.com

Membership Forms Veterinarian Forms
Fee Schedule (PDF) Vet Certification of Microchip Implantation (PDF)
Membership Application (online) Microchip Implantation Instructions (PDF)
Horse Registration Application (online) Vet Certification of Height (PDF)
Transfer of Ownership (online) Vet Identification to Apply for Duplicate Registration Papers (PDF)
Change of Name Application (online)  
Application for Entry into FHS Database (online)  
Embryo Transfer Application (online)  Misc. Forms
Sport Predicate Application (PDF) Advertising Form-Classifieds (online)
  Microchip Reader Rental Form (PDF)
Inspection Tour Forms USDF Declaration Form (PDF)
Inspection Entry Form (online) EAFS Score Form (PDF)
Application to Host an FHS Inspection Site (online) DNA samples sent from outside the USA (PDF)
Inspection Site Requirements (PDF)  
How to present my horse to the judges (PDF)  
Mare IBOP Test Info (PDF)  






Product   Price
FHS Membership Renewal Fee   $125.00
FHS Associate Membership Renewal Fee   $55.00
FHS Registration Fee for Friesians and Part-Bred Friesians   $130.00
Transfer outside DNA Marker Report to U.C. Davis (if applicable) Fee   $20.00
FHANA Fee for Request of DNA Profile   $35.00
FEI Passport in addition to Registration Papers (optional) Fee   $300.00
EAFS service fee (Arabo-Friesian only)   $25.00
FHS Inspection Tour Entry/Presentation Fee (Foals, Mares, Geldings)   $70.00
FHS Inspection Tour Stallion Entry/Presentation Fee   $200.00
FHS Inspection Tour Judges Travel Fee   $150.00
FHS Inspection Tour Judges Hotel Expenses Fee   $50.00
IBOP Test   $70.00
Microchip Reader Rental Fee   $50.00
Microchip (outside of registration)   $30.00
DNA Kit (outside of registration for Parentage verification only)   $40.00
DNA Testing for Hydrocephalus & Dwarfism   $60.00
Post Mortem DNA Testing   $275.00
Red Gene Test Fee   $40.00
Transfer of DNA or Other Information to another Registry (Non-Member)   $40.00
Transfer of Ownership   $70.00
Entry into FHS Database fee   $25.00
Duplicate Registration Papers Fee (Requires Veterinary Affidavit)   $200.00
Name Change Fee (Requires Board Approval)   $300.00
Fee for returned checks (NSF) (per check)   $50.00
Canadian Postage Surcharge (Assessed by Canada)   $35.00
Advertising - Classified ad - 3 months   $30.00
Advertising - Classified ad - 6 months   $55.00
Advertising - Classified Ad - Annual fee   $100.00


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