Purebred Friesian Breeding Stallions
The Friesian Horse Society recognizes all FHS, KFPS/FHANA or FPZV Registered Stallions for breeding
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Justice Rules 

Status: Provisionally Approved for Breeding with Breeding License

Sire:Remmelt 323, 

Dam: Wilhelmina fan Nicomen, Ster (Tsjerk 328)

Birth year: 2004    Height: 16.3h

Breeding Info:  Fresh cooled semen, Stud Fee $1000




Owner: Vicki Francis & MaryAnne Girard, The Friesians of Freedom Farm L.L.C.

18419 18th St., Plattsmouth, NE 68048

Phone: (402) 298-8557

Email: TheFriesiansofFreedomFarm@windstream.net

Website: www.tfffllc.com

Devon f/t Friesian Connection 

Status: Provisionally Approved for Breeding with Breeding License

Sire:Mintse 384

Dam: Yvonne Emma P, Ster (Folkert 353)

Birth year: 2009   Height: 16.1h

Breeding Info:  Fresh cooled semen, Stud Fee $1000

Standing at:  Regency Cove Farms,  30812 N.148th  St, Scottsdale, AZ                        


Owner: Jack and Elizabeth Milam, Regency Cove Farms

Trainer/Contact:  Stacy Gormley

Phone: (561) 860-4567

Website: www.devonstersport.com




Sire: Pyt 325

Dam: Dena (Ids 300)

Birth year: 2001   Height: 

Breeding Info:  




Owner: Inga Thompson, Lone Fir Friesians

46326 Lone Fir Rd, Halfway, OR

Phone: (541) 742-4088

Email: ingathompson@yahoo.com

Website:  lonefirfriesians.weebley.com





















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