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FHS has the Universal Equine Life Number to register the Friesian horse in the United States and Canada. 

All Registries that participate in the International recognition that a UELN provides, have a UELN for their breed in their country. For instance, the KFPS has the UELN for the Friesian in the Netherlands.

This UELN will insure that your FHS registered Friesian can be uniquely identified throughout the world! Registries participating in the UELN have the ability to exchange important data concerning the horses such as the pedigree, owner, breeder, etc.




FHS offers International registration for all (with proof of heritage) Purebred Friesians.  FHS has the Universal Equine Life Number (UELN) for Friesians in USA & Canada.  Our BBR is based on FPS standards and we recognize all B-book & D-book Registers.  Microchiping and DNA is required for all registered horses and is included in the registration fee.

All Purebred Friesians registered or recorded with FHS are eligible to be judged at FHS Inspections and receive premiums and predicates. The purpose of an Inspection is to have the horses inspected by independent reputable judges to give an unbiased assessment of conformation and movement, as it relates to the standard set in the Breeding Book Regulations (BBR).  Inspections also aids breeders by educating about what they are producing and how to improve the breed and to hopefully increase the value of the horses.  FHS registered Purebred Friesians are eligible to compete at IFHSA events and also for sport predicates with FHS from scores they have earned at USEF Sanctioned events with USDF and ADS.

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  • Internationaly recognized Registration papers for all (with proof of heritage) Purebred & Part-Bred Friesians with the Universal Equine Life Number (UELN) for Friesians in USA & Canada.  BBR based on FPS standards and recognize all B-book & D-book Registers.
  • European Papers and FEI Passports for Arabo-Friesians.
  • FHS Registered horses recognized by USEF, USDF and IFSHA.
  • FHS/USDF members competing in approved competitions will also be eligible for the "USDF All-Breeds Awards".
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Since prehistoric times, humans have been drawn to the natural beauty of horses. The Friesian, an ancient warmblood breed, has evolved to exemplify the exterior traits that we love about equine beauty.

The modern Friesian's trademarks are its overall distinctive exterior, especially the high-set neck with outstanding crest, the broad chest with lightly accentuated croup, and relatively small head and ears. The Friesian strikes the beholder as a breed apart. Most memorable is their impressive stature, stunningly luxuriant mane and the extra-long tail. During performances these features combine with the feathers and the low set of the tail to emphasize the breed's powerful and elastic gait. The aristocratic appearance is accentuated by the big expressive eyes, with a fine head carried high on an elegant and nicely curved neck. Compared to the body, the head seems rather small and either straight or slightly concave, and the small ears are also typical. They have tough legs with good bone structure, resulting in an enduring and surefooted horse.

The Friesian is a powerful horse with high stepping action. Today, the horses are bred to be exclusively black. Darker colors have always been dominating, but up to the turn of the century about twenty percent were chestnut or bay. The black color was advanced by strict selection. The only white spot allowed on the body is the star. The preferred build today is the lighter sporthorse rather than the heavier draft type. The modern Friesian is strong but slightly taller and lighter on its feet than its coach-bred forebears. For this reason, the Friesian has re-emerged throughout Europe as both a champion dressage and driving performance horse. Friesian beauty is more than skin-deep. Its easy-going temperament makes him a great companion to riders of all ages. The breed is honest and willing to please. But its versatility is what brings lasting value to the owner. Whether Dad wants to get a quality dressage mount for his daughter, or a dependable cross-country horse for his wife, or to take family and friends for a carriage ride, the Friesian does it all!




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