Embryo Transfer Application

An ET-produced foal can only become registered if donor and recipeint animals have been previously reported to FHS, before breeding/ET is performed during every breeding season.

The FHS Breeding Book Regulations require that all important breeding data, including the time of the insemination, retrieving embryo and the time of the transmission into the recipient mare, as well as the name and address of the facility and verterinarian performing the embryo transfer to be recorded and to be reported to FHS.  All offspring are to be tested concerning pedigree verification of both sire and dam with DNA prior to registration of the foal(s) produced by ET.  Although it is expected that high quality breeding stock would be used for this breeding practice, breeders have the right to select registered mares and stallions of their choice.  The choice of mares and stallions is not under the control of the FHS.

This application must be filled out by the mare owner and submitted for approval.  Foals bred by Embryo Transfer will not be recognized by FHS unless this approval is obtained in advance of the time of breeding.  The "time of breeding" is defined as the time of insemination or live cover of the mare, not the time of embryo harvest and transfer.


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